Why Mudge?

Our time is devoted 100% to the production, editing and presentation of legal video and photography.

We use DV, DVCPRO , DVCPRO-50, DVCPRO- HD (High Definition) camcorders with P-2 Direct to Edit technology.

The video is captured in a ready to edit digital video file. This eliminates the need to capture the videotape to the computer for editing, text synchronization or rendering into DVD.

Our professional DV cameras bring a filmmakers level of quality to every video we make. We never experience equipment failure on location.

Our microphones are specially designed to filter loud office equipment or other audible distractions. These highly directional microphones minimize or eliminate background noise sometimes found in conference rooms or doctor’s offices.

27 years experience in any location and environment, Day in the Life documentaries, destructive testing and scene inspections.

We Lead the Way from Production to Playback

Mudge has mounted cameras on trucks, cars, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, locomotives, rail yards, tugboats, construction equipment, coal mines, steel mills, factories, construction sites, bridges, laboratories, power stations and dams.

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We do what it takes to get the job done right from production to playback. We take full responsibility for everything related to your video project. If we have to edit into the morning hours to deliver a tape for playback the next morning, we are the ones you can count on.

We have the equipment and professional staff to cover multiple production and playback locations anywhere at any time.

When you call Mudge Legal Video, we send a professional videographer from our office to your video location.

Mudge Legal Video, Inc. is recognized as the gold standard in legal video. Schedule your next legal video with Mudge.