Q: What video formats do you have and what should I use?
A: We have every format available. VHS, S-VHS, DV, CD-MPEG, DVD-MPEG and DVD-movie to name a few. We can render any tape or computer file into any format you desire. The type of format depends on what method you prefer for editing purposes and playback. See our "format page" for more information.

Q: Do you charge a fee if the video event cancels?  
A:  No. Mudge Legal Video will send you an appearance fee only if the event is canceled upon arrival.

Q: How soon will I receive my videos?
A: Normal delivery: 5 -10 business days. Rush delivery:  As soon as same day

Q: What's up with the big camera?
A: We use Large Format  DV cameras. Mini-DV tapes are limited to one hour! Our cameras will tape up to four hours without interruption. DV formats are superior to Mini-DV.  We do not compromise on quality. We also use Panasonic HVX200 High Definition DVCPROHD P2 camcorders with Firestore Direct To Edit (DTE) technology with almost unlimited recording time.

Q: How do you determine your time?
A: We do not charge portal to portal. Our clock starts at the scheduled time of the video event and stops at it's conclusion.

Q: Why do I see the same videographers?
A: There are six videographers currently with Mudge Legal Video. When you call Mudge, we send a Mudge videographer.

Q: How do I prepare my videos for trial?
A: Your videos are ready for presentation if there in nothing to edit or redact. If editing is necessary, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to edit and prepare your video for playback.

Q: Do you provide a transcript?
A: No, but we encourage you to contact the certified court reporter of your choice for video depositions or we can recommend several to you. Our job is to provide you with the best possible legal video for your case.

Q. Did Mudge produce all the video content on this website?
A. Of course!