Video Depositions

Trial attorneys videotape depositions because they are an effective tool in presenting their case. The witness is frequently more relaxed in front of a camera than they are in front of a jury. You have the added advantage of knowing what the witness testimony and appearance will be before trial. Video depositions capture the jury’s attention and are more vivid than recited testimony. We recommend video depositions be taken in conjunction with certified shorthand reporters of your choice. We work with all court reporters and agencies.

Destructive and Demonstrative Testing

Destructive testing and demonstrative evidence including product, machinery and scene inspections can preserve and display the actual conditions in which the incident occurred or the product failed or performed as designed. Video presentations effectively demonstrate how an injury might have been caused or prevented. In many cases, videotaping is the most accurate way to communicate all the facts to a jury. If the court will not allow the jury to visit the scene, we will bring the scene to the jury.

Watch Video Samples

A Day In The Life
Video documentation of the extent of your client's injuries on his or her life make a significant impact on a jury. It can also prompt opposing counsel to settle out of court. Explaining the obstacles faced each day is not nearly as effective as visually leading the jurors through your client's ongoing struggles.

Many of our Day in the Life productions have caused opposing counsel to settle out of court upon review of our video.

With the knowledge gained from over 27 years of experience, Mudge Legal Video has developed a sensitivity necessary to produce this type of video documentary.

Editing Services

Unlike film editing when film is actually cut and spliced, videotape editing is accomplished by duplicating (dubbing) the original tape using editing video cassette recorders (VCR's). The second tape contains only the portion of testimony or visual information desired or allowed by the court. The original tape is left untouched. DVD and MPEG editing is also available.

Video Text Synchronization (VTS)

We can help you create the best trial presentation available with Video Text Synchronization. VTS captures the juries attention by letting them see the witness, hear the witness, and read the words as they are being spoken. It is similar to closed captioning on television.

VTS has many benefits. It eases viewing by showing the transcript and video side-by-side. It allows you to search keywords, page and line numbers, saving time. This also assists you with organizing your case.

If a deposition or other presentation has been Video Text Synchronized, we can edit the courts’ rulings or any redactions on a laptop and present the redacted video in court within minutes.

See VTS Sample Screen Shots

Courtroom Playback

We understand your video presentation in court is of the utmost importance. Mudge Legal Video will do our best to ensure the quality and professionalism of your video and audio presentation. You will find the quality of your playback depends on the quality of the original taping, an excellence we demand of ourselves and guarantee to you. From production in the field, post production and playback in court, Mudge Legal Video employs the latest technology and know-how to obtain broadcast quality legal video productions. This ensures excellent quality playback in court.

Mudge Legal Video utilizes a video projector and public address system for playback and presentation in court.  This enables us to present any tape format, DVD or computer file such as an MPEG in court without the limitations of a television. The PA system is amplified and has movie theater sound capability. The video projector connects to any video source or computer and will display any computer generated program or video.

We also have 19, 32 & 40" LCD monitors available if several monitors are better suited for a particular courtroom.

If we are not already familiar with any particular courtroom, we will work with you to choose the right equipment. We provide delivery, set-up, instruction and a technician when necessary.

Video Presentations with Video Text Synchronization

Project your deposition transcripts or other documents using VTS and the jury can read on the video screen as you or your court assistant read any written testimony. Documents can also be projected on screen.

Mudge Legal Video will work with your trial preparation team to ensure they have the proper video formats.

See VTS Sample Screen Shots


We offer 35mm film photography as well as aerial photography and video.

Training & Consulting

If you are interested in learning more about trial preparation software such as "Visionary" or "Sanction" and how it will help expand your presentation techniques, please call our office.

Our certified trainers will come to your office and instruct you and/or your staff in trial presentation software and strategy.


Your orders are processed using professional duplication equipment. We quality check and label each copy.
See our Formats Explained page for more information.

Video Conferencing

Mudge Legal Video has video conference rooms in both Edwardsville, IL and St. Louis, MO.  However, we can set up video conferencing almost anywhere.  Call our office for more information.